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Bogota, Colombia

Updated: May 18, 2019

El Callejon Galery, Collective Exhibition Vernissage April 26th 2019, 9pm

El Callejon Gallery is located inside of the most important, traditional first library of Bogota, Colombia.
The Central Library
In 1936, the Mexican poet Gilberto Owen founded a small bookstore in Bogotá, one of the first in the city, where he offered books and magazines in English, fine papers and handicrafts from his native country.
On the walls of the El Callejón Gallery the Bogota public was able to see for the first time the works of Enrique Grau, Fernando Botero and Alejandro Obregón, perhaps the most internationally recognized Colombian artists. Hans met Obregon on one of his trips to Chocó, on a beach where he was painting. "This painting is the only thing that interests me in life. The only thing I want to do What happens is that my parents do not like me to do it. They would prefer that I work in their factory, "he confessed.

Many more artists passed through the gallery, both Colombian and adopted children of the country, among them Felizza Burstein, Leopoldo Richter, Olga Amaral and her husband Jim Amaral, Guillermo Wiedemann, Ómar Rayo, - the painter and sculptor Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar and many more.
El Callejón Gallery continues to operate, promoting new artists. They recently presented the works of Diana Francia Gómez Ordoñez and Omar Gordillo Solano. On its walls we still find small treasures of great Colombian artists. We can still see oil paintings and enameled mosaics by Leopoldo Richter and his daughter Juanita, heir to his technique and his art. 
The Central Library and the El Callejón Gallery in Bogotá. Spaces and characters that wove the cultural legacy of Colombia. 


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