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Solo Show at Guatemala, City May 22th - 24th 2018

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

We are very excited to announce the first Ivonne Torre'sprivate show in Guatemala City, with the amazing team of collaborators Lorena de Zimeri and Lolo G. de Mena. Ivonne presented different Collections like Gratitude Collection, Collection awarded in Pisa Italy last year, and also exhibited in Art Monaco and Art Dubai with a great success. Besukona’s Collection this Collection it has been iconic Collection in her career and also Internationally well-known in a lot of Countries like Japan, Italy, USA, Mexico, Spain with lot of acceptance and great success “My message to our society is: “One kiss can change our world” Also she received many recognitions, one of them it was in Teopolo Museum at Milan Italy from Dali's son "Jose Van Roy Dali"

Thanks so much to Lorena de Zimeri and Lolo G. de Mena for the great event and also thank you to all the great people that share an amazing time together.


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