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Metropolitan Palace, Mexico City "Gratitude" Nov 7th, 2018

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Ivonne is thrilled to present “Gratitude solo show” in the majestic and historic Palace located in her native country, Mexico. Metropolitan Palace is a very special and unique place. After the Revolution, the house housed a coexistence center for Spanish immigrants and then gave refuge to a sector of the Jewish community in Mexico under the name of "IL Peretz" (also integrating the Youth Club of the Macabí Sports Center).

Gratitude Exhibition will be held at Metropolitan Palace at Calle de Tacuba 15, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico, Wednesday 7th of November 2018, from 5-9 pm, curated with 40 pieces of Art in this extraordinary Palace. Her pieces are from different Collections such as Gratitude Collection, (large format and expressionism abstract style), also Besukonas Collection, her iconic pieces (figurative-Art pop Style of faces with big lips and sparkling eyes).

These Collections are Internationally known and have been awarded on many occasions in Europe by recognized Historians of Art and Curators, (Salvatore Russo, Francesco Saveiro and Vittorio Sgarbi).

One piece of art will be auctioned to support the amazing Foundation "Un kilo de ayuda" A Non-Profit organization that contributes to early childhood development as a right for girls and boys in our Country.

We had the participation of Chef A. Patricia Alejo Benito with her most delicious d'oeuvres. She is one of the most prestigious chefs in the international gastronomic guild. Ambassador of Mexican Gastronomy in America, Europe and Africa.

In the street of Tacuba number 15, on the sidewalk facing north, we find a house that some call "METROPOLITAN PALACE" and others "MARBLE PALACE", which was built in 1870 for Don José De Teresa, married to Mrs. Susana Pesado and his daughters Susana and Elvira. In spite of the time, its interiors show still vividly an aristocratic way of life in the Mexico of S. XIX

The house was built on land that had been part of the Betlemitas Hospital, completed in 1754.

The design of the De Teresa house on San Andrés street is attributed to the architect José Téllez Girón, who only a few years later, in 1874, would design the Arbeu Theater located on the street known today as the street of Republic of Salvador.

Repeatedly it is said that the house was lost in a card game, although no sustenance was ever found for that legend; the line of owners can be followed without problems from its construction until 1880.

After the death of Don José De Teresa in 1874 the house was taken over by the concuño, Don Guillermo Mier and Celis, to be from 1880 on property of Don Manuel Romero Rubio, who had recently returned to Mexico after his expatriation and who complemented with splendor the interiors.

Don Manuel Romero Rubio practiced law from 1854 and in that function he met Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada, who would become his political mentor. Elected deputy in 1867, he presided over the Congress during the election of Juarez as president on September 23 of that year. On the death of Don Benito in 1872, Lerdo assumed power and Romero Rubio became his adviser, who in 1875 held a position as senator of the Republic.

"A special thanks to Luis Miguel Angel Alarcon, well known journalist and business men. Entrepreneur Sandra Vazquez, and Marcela Hernandez Sale representative".

Thank you to all the great sponsors : Cadena H, Actual, Jamadi, Musica Correcta, Greentree Imports Inc., Latin American Art.

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